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5 Mistakes Most Owners Make


A dog is not only a friend to man but also an adorable companion to him at all times. They tend to have a lot of particular needs and face a lot of challenges which are either intentionally or unintentionally caused by man. There are several and similar mistakes that dog owners make whether as a beginner or as an old timekeeper of this pet.  Cynophilist, make a lot of mistakes as they raise the puppies and it is accepted to make these errors but learn from them. It is also not too late for transformation for the better as you progress in knowing your dog because even the old parent dog tries to change his/her behavior so that he/she can improve the other dogs.

Below are the five (5) common mistakes that people make while raising dogs and one of them will make you feel embarrassed since you may have done it before. These mistakes include:

  1. Choosing a dog based on appearance

It is very true that dogs are beautiful animals, but they tend to have a lot in them and not just in their appearance. Most families make the mistake of choosing their dog based on looks. They will often see a dog and get attracted to it, not putting into consideration factors of taking care of them. Before making the choice of having a dog, you first need to be ready for the dog. By this I mean, you have to be prepared both psychologically and physically, and even get to know if all family members are willing to have the dog around. You also need to know the purpose of the dog to your home because taking care of the dog requires a lot of manpower in terms of time, money and effort. Secondly, you should know that puppies are not for everyone. Many people prefer puppies to adult dogs since they are very adorable and great to homes hence no one can reject having one as a pet. Although puppies are good, they require more work as compared to adult dogs. When making decisions, dog owners should avoid being impulsive and they need to do more research before having a dog. Thirdly, it is very important to consider your dog’s personality and character before bringing him/her home. Just because they are lovely does not seem they are fit for you. This can be enhanced by spending time with your dog and try to find more before making the decision of owning him/her.

  1. Lack of set rules and expectations

It is very essential if you set procedures for your dog to follow since they will behave accordingly and will enjoy learning new things as they are praised for their actions. Dogs are the best creatures when it comes to learning new things. Therefore, training is very important as it will allow your dog to listen and regular training and socialization will make him/her feel comfortable around you. You can also practice commands even away from your home as it can be very exciting for the dog. Dogs tend to learn from the positive coating, but there are still frequent errors involved during training. To make sure the training is fun and breathtaking, avoid being cruel to your dog when they do something wrong since they may end up feeling terrified instead of learning. It is also necessary to ensure that all family members are in agreement when it comes to the expectations for your dog. This is because people are different in the way they handle dogs since one may decide to praise the dog for their behaviour while another will rebuke it. These two actions will create confusion for the dog and will make it harder for him/her to learn.

  1. Not managing incontrollable bad behaviours

Dogs grow up adjusting to immoral behaviours and it is the duty as the pet owners to control and manage their behaviour. Most of them are frightened and slow to punishing and correcting their behaviour, finally end up feeling guilty. This is because many of the dog owners assume that bad behaviour will end as the dog grows and they like using the expression “they will grow out of it”. In either way, they need to control bad behaviour such as excessive barking, jumping or whining actions before it becomes a bad habit.

  1. Poor feeding diet

Dogs need the best nutrition and as a pet owner, you need to purchase the best foods for your dog. Before buying the food, you have to do a lot of research so that you can select the best food. Although choosing food for your dog is very devastating, one should not make the mistake of purchasing the common and cheap foods and need to be very careful in selecting the food according to the dog’s own characteristics and nutrition. The best way to do this is by; taking more healthier food than others and putting more consideration into the ingredients in the food especially the meat source. You can also avoid taking meat which has questionable ingredients like filters as this might change your dog’s nutrition.

  1. Avoiding Veterinary check-ups

Veterinary centers are health centers where we take our animals for check-ups or when they fall sick. Our dog’s health should be very important and needs to be our first preference.  It is very important to have a regular appointment since it will help you know and understand the health of your dog. The most frequent mistake that you make is by not visiting the veterinary and wait until something is amiss with the dog, then we rush to the Veterinary. This is very bad because dogs are good at not showing symptoms of illness at the first stages and we may end up noticing it very late. So, it is our duty as dog owners to differentiate when the dogs are healthy and when they appear sick to give them a better life.